Cory Proulx, is an Illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. After earning his Honors Bachelor of Illustration from Sheridan College, he ventured across the country to pursue his artistic passion. His creative journey focuses on capturing the essence of wildlife, nature, adventure, skateboarding, and beyond..
Currently seeking mural or large scale painting projects. The artistic vision is to infuse urban spaces with intricate elements of nature and wildlife.

Clients Include: 
Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canadian Wildlife Federation, BC Outdoors Magazine, Raven Banner Entertainment, ABE Factors, Studio B, Cottage Life, TSD Animation LLC, Maisonneuve Magazine 

Gallery Showings: 
The White Rabbit                                                                                        
Nanaimo, BC                                                                                        
Solo Exhibition: Above & Below   
The Federation Art Gallery                                                                    
Vancouver, BC                                                                                               
Annual International Representational Exhibition 

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